Thursday, May 27, 2010

Definitely a Thackeray!

Sawyer was quite stubborn throughout the whole session. He DID NOT want to move his hands from his face! And when the technician thumped on my stomach to get him to move this is was his response...

....Hint: His hand was still in front of his face.

I guess we'll let the gesture slide for now.

Sawyer Slade in 3D

Sucking his thumb

has Daddy's nose

long fingers :)

scrunched nose

Big yawn. They had me eat and drink caffeine before coming in to make sure he'd be active during the session. You'd think he'd be bouncing all over the place after a huge chocolate bar and Mountain Dew, but he wasn't. The technician had me jumping and skipping around all over the room trying to get him to move, and all he did was mock us... yawning the whole time :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Baby Thackeray

These are the ultrasound photos that were taken when we were 19 weeks. There's really only one that turned out well ("well" meaning one in which he doesn't look like a fish or extraterrestrial).