Monday, October 1, 2012


September was a month of adjusting for this Thackeray family.  That being said, we are doing awesome!  Slade is doing great in school, and the babies are happy :)  Sawyer really gets into any sport that we might be attending or watching on T.V.  So we've spent much time playing baseball, football, and soccer with him.  He can identify all of the letters of the alphabet now!  He's also quite funny.  He will do and say silly things just to make us laugh!  Sawyer loves his little brother/"baby brudder".  He always has some kisses to give to him.  Sullivan reciprocates those feelings as well!  He loves to look at Sawyer and most of the smiles that we get from him are when Sawyer's in his view.  Sullivan is a great baby!  He's a good sleeper and is becoming pretty active already!  So far, we have determined that he is Sawyer's twin-minus a couple of years :)  Comparing pictures of them has been pretty eye-opening!  He's also a good eater, and has the rolls to prove it!  He gained a pound and grew an inch after the first week!  According to our scales at one month, he weighs almost twelve pounds....yikes.