Wednesday, February 16, 2011

6 Months

Well, Sawyer survived his first blizzard this past month!

Of course we had to experience it for ourselves.... just to say we did it.

Lots of fun with Daddy!


..... we obviously can't leave him by himself for very long. We're lucky the credit card wasn't laying around.

We love tootsies!

Sawyer is so lucky to have a boy cousin nearby! Slade's side of the family was no help in that department this past year. All girls!

Teaching Sawyer to crawl! Hasn't worked yet ;)

Sawyer's personal "mancave"

Who knew babies could be so much fun?!
Sawyer's favorite toy is his walker. He's everywhere in it! It's wonderful that he can go the places he wants to go now.
Can he really be 6 months old???? -sniffle. sniffle.-