Tuesday, January 17, 2012

17 months

He's cute, he's funny, he's loud, he's 17 months old!  New things???? Everyday!  I would have to say the cutest new word that comes to mind is "rainbow."  He says it perfectly!  He loves to bounce on the couch and give Daddy kisses before he goes to bed.  Aunt Kenzie will take videos of him on her phone and let him watch them when she's done.  He could sit and watch videos of himself all day.  He could also sit and watch videos of airplanes or football and basketball games with Daddy all day if we'd let him!  Christmas was good to Sawyer with plenty of fun new toys!  We are so lucky to have all grandparents nearby to celebrate with!  So far our winter has been pretty mild with a few really warm days mixed in, and this gives us more time to play outside!

                                                                Playing Funny Bones!
Watching Elmo

The "cool guy" pose...even cooler with powdered donut lips!

Yes, more powdered donut lips here too.

'Til next month!