Friday, April 30, 2010

New Family, New Blog

Slade and I live in Liberty, Missouri. We were married last year and couldn't be happier! I wanted to start a blog because we enjoy looking at others' all the time and would like to keep family and friends updated without having to post on Facebook for the world to see! Now for the update...

Warm weather is finally here and we are so excited! Our favorite thing to do when it gets warm is to take friends out on the lake in our little boat to go tubing and wakeboarding. We've already been out once even though the water was still quite cold :)

We are 24 weeks pregnant now, due August 18th! Expecting a boy and his name will be Sawyer Slade Thackeray. It's been a great pregnancy so far (not that I would know differently) and he's kicking up a storm in there! Slade and I are really excited to meet him, but won't be getting baby stuff until the last minute because I know I'd drive myself crazy having the stuff and no baby to go with it yet. I will post ultrasound pictures soon!

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