Saturday, August 7, 2010

KC Crossroads Art District

Last night Slade and I went to the First Friday event in the Crossroads District downtown. It's held on the first Friday of every month. All local galleries, restaurants, and shops open their doors to the public! You'll likely see all kinds of musicians and jewelry vendors along the way! It's a great experience if you're into crowds and all of the artsy stuff. Lately we've been watching a show on Bravo called "Work of Art: The Next Great Artist." There is a woman from KC on the show, Peregrine Honig. I wanted to see some of her art in person, but ended up stumbling upon her boutique, Birdies! We stopped in to look around and she was standing at the counter as we walked in! Star-struck, I just found a book and tried to lay low. Slade thought I should go up and talk to her, but I was too nervous. On our way out she stopped me and said she wanted me to try some things on that she thought I'd really like. Turns out she seemed to be a really sweet person and tried to meet my needs as the "Pregnant Lady" and future mom. Anyway, it was a great experience and I wish I wouldn't have been too scared to talk to her about things from the show and how she was able to start up her own boutique (my dream!).

This is Peregrine.

This is her boutique.

Slade and I browsed a few galleries and furniture shops after that and it didn't take too long before I was ready to go. On our way back to the car we found some Back to the Future cars!

I think we were both tired, but I wanted to get a picture of us there before we left because it may very well have been our last date before we have the baby...

Ice cream sounded pretty good, so we went to Skies and shared a Sky High Pie after we left :) I wish we could have stayed out longer, but I had a great time! Love you Huz!

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