Monday, May 16, 2011

9 months

9 months has come and gone since we've had this little man! We love him so much and have probably have too much fun with him :) He's got his front two top and bottom teeth in. He received his first real haircut this past month! These pictures are pretty mixed, but you can tell which ones feature the new cut. Went to the doctor, his percentiles go as follows: head-25th, weight-55th, and height-75th. He's as healthy as a baby gets! Sawyer's an official crawler now. He can stand by himself pretty good now too. The first foot steps are a little scary, but he's definitely on his way!
Yes, we get a little matchy-matchy around here :)

These next few were taken by Grandpa Thackeray
chillin' with Uncle Blake

Cousin Elsa! These two were so fun to watch when they played together!
Having fun with Aunt Ashley's Snuggie! By the way Ashley, it's still here.
Is she pretty or WHAT!?

Easter pictures! Say what you will, but I'm a baby bowtie fan!

Would you expect anything else?


  1. We are missing you guys already! Cant wait to see you in july!! I have to say baby blake will be sporting some bowties himself, thanks for the link! You certainly have a wonderful little boy!!

  2. Ah yes, my snuggie, i left it there so Whitney could bring it back! Wouldnt fit in my luggage! :) Sawyer is such a stud! I love his new haircut! Very cute :)