Friday, September 16, 2011

13 months

Just when we think Sawyer couldn't be any more fun, he learns something new that makes being with him even more fun!  This past month he's learned to dance, give kisses (mostly just to Momma and Dadda), and give high fives (to just about everyone)!  His favorite toy is still a ball.  He still watches Sesame Street almost every day and loves Elmo.  He's getting pretty good at imitating sounds to say new words, but "ball" is said all of the time.  He's learned how to go down slides and has tons of fun doing that at the park!
It's picture overload this month, Momma got a new camera!  The last few of Sawyer in the rain and tub are by Grandpa Thackeray.


making the graffiti window look good!

Probably my most favorite picture of him to date :)


  1. Oh my is he getting so big!!I love it when they learn kisses!! One of the best things about being a mom I think is getting kisses. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. SO CUTE! He should be a model! :) I loved his little dirty look face. And your new camera looks like it takes great pictures! but how could pictures of Sawyer ever not be awesome? Thanks for all the extra pics!