Thursday, January 31, 2013


January 2013
It is a new year!  We are having a blast in Warrensburg, MO!  Well, as much of a blast as you can have in a place such as this!  Not much to do, but we are up for anything to keep ourselves busy!  When days are mild, we head to the park.  The boys like going to the UCM basketball games and being a part of the excitement.  Sawyer just gets funnier every day.  I'm pretty sure I've said that in the past, but it is still true!  He really does know how to brighten your day.  He loves to sing and dance.  He can count to 16 now!  I will take credit for 1-10, but I have no idea where he learned 11-16.  He is an awesome big brother to baby Sullivan.  Sullivan LOVES his big brother!  If I end up having to carry one on each hip at the same time, his face lights up because Sawyer is staying in one place for a little bit and he can look at him all he wants!  January has been a good month for Sullivan.  He can roll, sit, and move all around in his walker (not very fast yet, but usually gets to where he wants to go eventually).  He turned 5 months on the 27th.  He could probably pass for a 10 or 11 month old.......he's a big boy.

When did he get so big? ::sniffle::

LOVES grabbing his toes!  I think it is one of the cutest things a baby can do.  Sawyer didn't do that much when he was a baby, so I'm taking in every bit of when Sullivan does it....which is ALL THE TIME!


  1. Ah! So cute! Thanks for all of the pictures. Sawyer is so smart and look at sully sitting up! They are both so photogenic and i miss them dearly!

    1. Thanks, Ashley! Your comments always make our day!