Sunday, September 19, 2010

1 Month Old

On September 16 Sawyer was officially one month old! Slade weighed him a couple of days ago and found him to be approximately 10 and a half pounds! He gained 3 pounds in one month! I don't know if that's normal, but it's astonishing to me as a new mother. We haven't measured his length as of yet, but he's been averaging a half an inch a week since he was born.
What's new? Well, since we traveled out to North Carolina he's been quite vocal! Talks and squeals a lot for the little man he is! He's smiling and talking in his sleep. He loves looking at his hand and laying on your chest so he can look up at you :)
Who does he look like? We think he's a pretty good combination of the both of us. At this point he definitely has Daddy's nose and probably my facial bone structure. Everything else could go either way. Sometimes he looks like Daddy's mini-me, and other times he looks a bit more like his momma.
Here are a few pictures...

This one taken by Grandma Scott on Skype! Oh how we love Skype!

After a nap

Lately his hair has been kind of crazy. One night we dried his hair after a bath and it shot up into a mohawk. I would never do this on purpose, but we thought it was pretty cute :) A few days of the mohawk and then his whole head of hair stood straight up! It's starting to tame itself now as it gets a little longer. Daddy had to trim the hair around his ears because it was was getting out of hand! We should probably cut his hair for real, but we have fun playing with it :)

The mohawk

Sometimes Sawyer and Slade could be twins. Here is a picture after getting ready for church!
And a picture of them sleeping. Almost identical, aren't they?

More to come!


  1. Candi is absolutely gorgeous!! He certainly does look like both you and Slade. I can't wait til you come back so I can finally meet him and see you.

  2. What a cutie! Thanks for all the pics.

  3. I want to hold him!! :( He is so precious!! Can't wait for the more to come!!