Monday, September 6, 2010

3 Weeks!

It's been wonderful having Sawyer with us! No doubt there have been challenges, but it's all worth it :) Everyone comments on how strong he is for a newborn... I don't know any different, but we'll take the compliments anyway! Sawyer loves to try to stand on his feet, he giggles and smiles in his sleep (starting to do it while awake now too!), and has the prettiest eyes that just make you melt when they start at you! He's a great baby. Sleeps for about 3 hours at a time and is starting to stay awake more often to play with us!

Here are some pictures of Missouri before we left for "vacation."

Daddy and Sawyer

Sisters and nephews!

Benton used to be the baby, but Sawyer makes him seem so old now!

Mom and Chanda's attempt to get all of us in one picture

We miss family back in Missouri, but are having a great time in NC with Slade's family. We'll all be back soon!


  1. It goes by so quick!! He is so adorable! You Slade and Sawyer are such a good looking family!!

  2. Fun pics! 3 weeks already? Wow!